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How does it work to buy a new home in Spain?

We know that the Spanish market is different to what most of our costumers are used to in their countries, that’s why we at Norma Franck are here to help you through all parts of the process with true commitment. There are a lot of questions to be asked before you buy your first property in Spain & you’re more than welcome to contact us for all sorts of wonderings.

Before you start looking at properties it’s good to get a good look at the process to know what type of homes to look at, what you need to do in order to make sure your purchase will be secure, which budget you can expect & how you can prepare yourself for having the opportunity to act in the most efficient way when you find your new home.

You’ll find all good to know-information and which steps there is in buying a home in our purchase guide, or contact any of our sales agents to find our more. We at Norma Franck Homes offer all our costumers free consulting and Q&A without any charge or commitments.

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